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We help Startups, Small Businesses, and Agencies build mobile applications and SaaS products quickly and affordably.

Our Service

Do you have an idea for a mobile application but don’t have a team of developers to build it for you? We will help you discover your Minimal Viable Product within a couple of weeks. During this process we will expand upon the core idea and develop a roadmap to your ideal product. Finally we will build your application and work with you to launch it to the app store.

Simple Flat Rate Pricing

No hourly fee, No large investment

Mobile Application

$6,500 Starting at
  • Standard Styling
  • React Native
  • Firebase Backend
  • Own your source code

Custom Web Application

$7,500 Starting at
  • Standard Styling
  • Built with Laravel
  • Up to 3 third-party Integrations
  • Own your source code

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is "We're Building Apps"?

We're Building Apps is an all in one solution to getting your next startup idea or internal project built without having to go to the long process of finding the right software developers for the job and paying high salaries.

Can deploy my mobile project to Android and IOS?

The "Mobile Application" pricing covers only one operating system but if you require both IOS and Android you will be charged an additional $1,500. This will cover compiling, testing, and Quality Assurance for the additional platform.

Can I add additional features to my project?

Ofcourse this is your project after all! During the planning process of your project we will create a roadmap of what's needed for your minimal viable product, and break any additional features into a categories backlog what will have a price and timeline attached to them so that you can pick and choose which features to add when you want to add them.

Can you maintain our app?

Yes we can! We can make sure that your mobile application is up to date with the most recent OS versions and handle bugs that users may report. Alternativly if your project is a SaaS application we can host and manage any bugs that may be reported by your users. The cost for this service depends on your specific project but the starting price will be $1,500 monthly.

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